Yet another fix for MEA repack :)

Yeah, I’m tired of it too. But it’s pretty weird error, never happened in any other repacks.

If you still experience 43 CRC errors at the end of the installation, try this alternative setup-fitgirl-08.bin, overwriting the existing one.

If it fails or if it succeeds – please report in comments and state what Windows version/build are you using. It’s important. Example: Windows 10 x64 Creators Update.

Update: Just like I thought, the main reason for “43 broken files” error is “Creators Update” for Windows 10, which is pushing slowly by Microsoft since April. I’m yet to identify where those motherfuckers break compatibility, but there is a simple solution, which I recommend to use for all my repacks from now on: run installers in compatibility mode set to Windows 7. That’s it.

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