Repacks of uncracked games – Poll Closed!

UPDATE: Well, majority of you decided for me not to spend my efforts on uncracked games. So be it!

As you may already know, last week Denuvo was bypassed (and then cracked for one game). I started to make repacks for those games. Three were released, and now only RotTR one is playable, while ABZU and INSIDE aren’t.

But I have those unreleased repacks packed (not tested and/or finilized). So, here’s the poll. If majority of you will vote “YES”, I’ll start another category, where all uncracked repacks will reside until they get cracked. If “NO” will win – repacks will wait their cracks to be published.

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For those who wonders about repack sizes:

  • DOOM: 38.7/38.9 GB for any single language
  • Total War: Warhammer9 GB for any single language
  • Just Cause 316.7 GB for any single language

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