Push Notifications Follow-up

If you have subscribed to my push notifications, you could already see some ads coming from the name of my site. Unfortunately, this is a “feature” of the DigitalPush service, which I’m testing.

DigitalPush service has three plans – one is free, but it can/should send no more than 2 ads per week per user. Two others are: a) “Pay for”, in which I have to pay $0.49 for every 1000 of subscribers per month; b) “Revenue share”, which gives the owner 85% of revenue but shows 1-4 ads per day per subscriber.

Obviously, I’m using the 1st one. I myself received one ad today already. And I will keep an eye if they follow their own rules (2 ads per week). If they don’t – I will turn notification service off.

Meanwhile, I’d be happy to find some other way of notification, which would be free and didn’t contain any ads. If you know such way – please let me know in comments.

I hate ads myself, but some of them come with free services like DigitalPush or Disqus as an obligation.

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