DOOM: IDDQD Repack details

cover_doom_iddqdSo, when my poll showed, that many of you would like to see ripped version of DOOM, without multiplayer and SnapMap editor, I started to work on it. But since I don’t like the idea of ripping and prefer to give YOU a choice, I’ve managed to make not a rip, but a proper new repack, which allows you to download the game in any form you like – with or without MP and/or SnapMap, as I did with giant Black Ops 3 repack.

And I didn’t spent my time for nothing. Here are the features of upcoming DOOM IDDQD Repack (named after an infamous cheat code in original DOOM, which gave you a God Mode).

  • Smallest lossless rip/repack in the world: the minimum size is just 27.6 GB, while complete game with Credits/MP/SnapMap is 38.3 GB, 400 MBs smaller, then the previous repack.
  • Faster installation. Installation time reduced by 10-50%, depending on your hardware. Optimized compression and lower HDD load as a free bonus
  • Selective download of optional components: Multiplayer files (for possible future cracks/servers/whatever), SnapMap (so you can create maps if you wish), and Credits video (contains spoilers!). Of course, language selection is intact, as always. Only Premium Service for my dear users

There is only one downside with new IDDQD Repack. It’s absolutely backwards incompatible with initial repack due to changed compression scheme and new selective download options.

As for delivery time. I hope to release it tomorrow. But if you already downloaded the first repack, there is no need for a new one. Only if you want to replace the old with new in your collection.

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