Detroit: Become Human – Updated Repack test

This is a public test of the changed/fixed installer for my Detroit: Become Human repack.

It SHOULD FIX all crashes and muted characters through the game.

Before I update my repack on torrents and other mirrors, I want people who already have the game and who faced issues, re-install repack with these new files and check if problems are gone.

Mirrors (72 MB)


  • Download zip-file and unpack it to ORIGINAL REPACK folder (NOT where you’ve installed the game), overwrite existing setup.exe and fg-07.bin
  • Uninstall your existing Detroit copy. Your saves WON’T be deleted, don’t worry
  • Reinstall the game with 1 or more languages (I’d prefer NOT complete installation for better testing)
  • If you already have passed the game once and faced the issue with “Not responding” at the last scene, you may also install credits, which will be shown after one of the game’s endings
  • Play the game, check the scenes that previously crashed for you (Kara & Bus, Jericho, etc.)
  • Check if all voices for your language(s) are not muted and sound correctly
  • Post your results in comments to this topic

Thanks and sorry for originally botched up repack, it was pretty hard to make and sometimes shit happens.

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