A Call for Donations

Once in a while I create posts like this. And I hate ’em. The last one was made more than a year ago, when the incoming donations question raised high. The same situation happens again. A few months ago my mining donations has been stopped, and now it seems to be  gone permanently. So the only way I can accept donations returned back to the roots – classic crypto transactions.

In 2019 year I had to switch to a more powerful hosting due to increased site traffic and had to lease another, more powerful seedbox. Unfortunately, just a tiny little small percentage of people actually donate something. Then we see copycat sites like fitgirl-repacks.cc and fitgirlrepacks.co, which simply use my design, my posts etc., but they have replaced my BTC/ETH/… donation addresses to their own. And some poor souls just send them their money w/o knowing they are feeding the crooks.

Long story short – that stash that was accumulated via donation mining and direct donations for a year is almost depleted now.

And, this post is, like, BUMP. So if you have free money you could donate to the cause – proceed to my Donation page and see the ways you can financially make this site running. Even if you don’t have any crypto – there are easy ways of buying it. Especially when BTC is on the rise and you can make some %$ in the future

A Little FAQ

  • No, I can’t accept money donations via PayPal and similar services. Guess why.
  • No, I won’t run any ads on my site. Probably I could place a small seedbox company ads in exchange for a powerful seedboxes, but I never received such proposals

And once again my “Thank you!” goes not only to people who help to seed and mirror my repacks (you know who you are, guys :), but to those who help me cover costs for supporting this site. I don’t know your names, but you help everyone here. Thank you.

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