A Call for Donations

Once in a while, this day comes. The day where I have to remind you that making repacks and running this site costs me money.

The last time I made a similar post was almost two years ago, and donations coming my way covered my expenses on hosting, seedboxes, domain, VPNs, and other related stuff.

Last year I rented a very powerful RDP (remote machine), which now allows me to repack a huge number of games – you can see it by the total count of posts each month.

Yet, the recent war, started by an old madman, caused a world economic crisis, which is now taking a toll on my hobby expenses as well.

That’s why I remind you that if you have cryptocurrency of any amount, you can share some crypto-pennies with me to help maintain the site and allow me to continue the service that you rely on.

All these years, I have kept the site ad-free. The only ads you see now are imposed by Disqus commenting system, and those ad revenues go directly to Disqus. I can’t disable those ads without paying money to them (and that would be dumb).

I’m not gonna change my policy about ads. I’m not earning money off my hobby, but only try to cover expenses, and when some of you donate periodically – it’s all good.

So, if you can afford to say “Thanks” in a crypto monetary way – be my guest; I have a plethora of cryptocurrencies supported for donating.

If you can’t – no worries, you still can seed torrents which in turn also helps the crowd.

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Post date has been changed to July 27, 2023 – no new content added. Just a reminded for my supporters, that periodically I need some crypto to help me run this venture

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